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First Choice Travel is Elcom Credit Union's wholly owned travel company.
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Property Valuation Brisbane is a Brisbane based local property valuation firm with 1000 man hour experience in residential, commmercial and industrial valuations at lowest price.

Mr. Ward said if revegetation efforts were not done well, the cliffs would continue to erode onto the beach. Hailstones the size of marbles have wiped an estimated $20 million off Nelson’s property valuations income. A devastating hailstorm on Saturday night – the second in Nelson since Tuesday – blitzed Riwaka, destroying about 17 percent of the region’s potential crop of six million cartons.

Shocked growers spoke today of 100 percent losses on property valuations some orchards due to the storm which lasted 23 minutes as it carved through orchards on the Brooklyn side of Riwaka, including Little Sydney and Brooklyn Valleys. The property valuers strike followed hard on the heels of widespread hail last Tuesday which hit orchards in Lower Moutere, Central Rd, Redwood Valley, Tasman, and Mariri.

House valuation services, Nelson pip fruit growers with hail-damaged fruit should wait a couple of weeks before making any major orchard management decisions, says Ag First consultant Steven Spark. Three hailstorms have hit up to 50 growers in the last week, stripping an estimated $20 million, the equivalent of 17 percent, off Nelson’s pip fruit income. The hail was followed by a lighter storm on Sunday afternoon which hit orchards in the coastal area of Riwaka.

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